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Wii Play Does anyone have this? Thoughts?

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I'm looking for a new family game for the Wii for Christmas. I've been looking at Wii Play, but, it's a chunk of change, so I want to know if it's worth it. Anyone played it? What are your thoughts and reviews? I have older kids and their friends would be teens as well so I want something fun for them and not little kid-ish iykwim.



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We just got it last week! Our family really enjoys playing Mario Party and this is along the same lines as that one is.


We played it the other night with an age range from 3 years old to 54 years old and we all enjoyed it. There's tons of mini games, you play hide and seek with the remotes (my kids favorite), you can play a board game, and lots of other things. I definitely recommend it!

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We've had it since 07. Meh.


The reason to get it is to get an extra Wii controller. As far as the games, they're okay for learning the controllers but they really haven't had a lot of replay value here.


For teens, I might think Wii Sports Resort as more likely to be played (the fencing game in particular).


Wii Play does have a few mini-games that can be fun to compete against someone. Dh and ds have played the target game and the cow racing game in particular - and occasionally the tank game. But it does seem to have limited play before it gets boring.


As always, YMMV. :)

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I bought it for the extra controller. The games are ok, but not that exciting. My kids used to like to do the cow races, but they're young. If you subtract the price of the extra controller from the price of Wii Play, you're really only paying $5 or $10 for the games. If you already have 4 controllers, and you have teens, I wouldn't bother with it.

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