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SOTW & MP Famous Men


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I am considering using SOTW 2 or Memoria Press Famouse Men of Rome for my 11 year old. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between these two programs? If you have used them what are your thoughts about the programs. I have been trying to decide on a history program for months now and am ready to just throw it out the window:)



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I'm using SotW 2 for my 3rd grader and History Odyssey Middle Ages along with MP's Famous Men of the Middle Ages and Renaissance for my 6th grader together this year. Both boys listen in on each other's lessons and participate in Q&A's so I align the subjects as we go.


Famous Men of Rome would be better matched with the last half of SotW1. I have my son do the Famous Men chapter with worksheet one day a week and the other two or three days a week we work through a lesson in History Odyssey. I've found them to match up pretty well and if they are off a few weeks either direction are just a good reinforcement. Famous Men is a much higher level reading and very different style than SotW - I see SotW as being really appropriate for elementary grades where the Famous Men series is appropriate for 5th+.


I've struggled with history selections too, having two kids to teach that I want to combine but are three years apart just made it tougher so I end up doing it all! LOL

Good luck ~


PS You can get the first 6 weeks of History Odyssey for free at their website www.pandiapress.com - take a look, it's a very good classical style curriculum that teaches outlining and notebooking skills.

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