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Grammar and Spelling Help!!


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I have a 7 1/2 year old that can pretty much read anything. He loves to read, but seriously dislikes writing. Because he doesn't like writing, we haven't done much in terms of grammar and spelling. He is a poor speller and writer. When there is writing involved, our day drags. So far, we have taken a very relaxed approach to grammar with some fun books.


I'd like to do more, but don't know where to start. Our writing mostly consists of SOTW copywork.


I just got AAS, but haven't tried it yet with him...


Any advice on what to do about grammar, spelling or writing at all?




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At this age, he doesn't really need to be doing much writing :), particularly creative composition. I'm not sure if it is the process of writing he dislikes (putting pencil to paper), or having to come up with the words himself?


If it's the process of writing, I'd suggest copywork above any sort of writing program. It helps children get in the swing of writing words down on paper but makes it easy by giving them a model that is ready to go for them. I wouldn't require anything more than a sentence a day. Getting started with narration will help him to form ideas in his mind in sentences.


My daughter is around the same age as your son and we are using AAS - give it a spin! For grammar, we've done ours orally for the most part using the first part of Simply Grammar by Karen Andreola, but we haven't done much. I just got my hands on a Rod and Staff English 2 book at our local used homeschool sale, so we want to start that once I find it!! I know it's around here somewhere....

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Ah, okay!


To make copywork as easy as possible, make sure you're using models that match the penmanship style you are using, and use models that are line-by-line. So, for example the words are on the top line, and there is a blank line directly underneath the model.


Start with short lessons and build up :).

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AAS will give him a very gradual introduction to writing. He can spell with the tiles, and then will work up to 2 word dictation phrases. Level 2 has a bit more dictation--6 phrases and 6 sentences per step (but you can do a step over a week or more--up to you and your son). Level 3 increases to 12 sentences and then halfway through adds in the writing station, where he will make up his own sentences for some spelling words. It's a nice, gentle, gradual progression.


Outside of that, I probably would concentrate on handwriting and then some LA that can be done mainly orally (sometimes you can adapt programs to use them orally). You can add in some copywork later this year or maybe next year to help build up some stamina. Just take things gradually. HTH some!


Merry :-)

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My son HATES writing with a pencil. Refused to practice writing his letters and numbers. Finally I figured out it was the pencil itself and the feel/drag of it over paper.

Target has little dry erase lapboards in the school supply/art supply section for only $4. It has one blank side and one lined side. It has been a godsend!!!! Give him some washable dry erase markers and he will happily practice writing stuff. Atleast for a minute or two. LOL


Try to liven it up. Dry erase board, or markers/colored pencils/etc on regular paper.


We are adding grammar to our studies right now. After alot of debate I went with Phonic Pathways (he is also a really good reader but horrible speller too, and very resisitive to phonics) cuz it is a reading/spelling program and really game based. Went with Easy Grammar and the book Sentence Family for grammar too.



ETA - Partof why I went with them is cuz it was NOT writing intensive - which would have really turned him off at this point. IMO, slow and steady practice will improve his writing skills - plus he is SO young right now!

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