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Explorers/The King's Fifth


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Is the The King's Fifth by Scott O'Dell okay as a read aloud for a 5th & 6th grader? I've seen it mostly on 7th & 8th grade book lists, so wasn't sure. Is it a good book & would it be enjoyable to a slightly younger student?


Otherwise, can anyone recommend another good book for our brief upcoming unit on explorers? We've got all of our non-fiction books picked out, but I'm having a hard time coming up with another good (preferably not focused on one specific explorer) read aloud. Thank you!

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One DS read The King's Fifth; the other DS read Walk The World's Rim. Both are well-written, and DSs had positive responses to each book. King's Fifth is probably a gr. 7/8 solo reading level, gr. 5+ read aloud level. Walk the World's Rim is probably a gr. 5/6 solo reading level, gr. 4+ read aloud level. For a younger student: Brendan the Navigator (Fritz) -- gr. 3/4 reading level; VERY enjoyable



ideas for historical fiction - Columbus = http://bookgirl3.tripod.com/americabeforecolonialtimes.htm


ideas for historical fiction - variety of explorers =


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