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Why can't I housebreak my puppy

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This is becoming increasingly frustrating. I got a 7 month old tri-color intake male Cavalier last month. He is currently 8 months old and I have never housebroken a puppy this old. All my experience is with younger puppies. I clicker train, have him on a 2 hour schedule, keep his water intake on a schedule, and he also is crate training. But even within that 2 hours, on 3 occasions he has made an accident on my kitchen floor (within an ex-pen). Granted, it's only been a month, but I've completed in sooner with other dogs. What are your full-proof methods, because I really want him to be able to roam the house along with my other dog.





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No advice, Catherine, but wanted to say I'm going through the housebreaking blues myself. I've received great advice from this board, as I'm sure you will. I started today tying him to me with his leash and having him follow me around the house. I'm trying to be extra diligent, but I have to say it's very hard, almost like having a baby.


Good luck!


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When he is not in his crate then he should be tethered to your side so that you get used to his cues for having to use the potty outside. By being tethered to your side you are increasing your success rate of "catching" him before hand or slightly during.

Then get him outside to praise while finishing.

No freedom until trained.

Is he neutered as of yet? That can increase his want of possible marking which is different then soiling from not being housebroken.

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