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Looking for nutrition/human body curriculum ideas

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For Nutrition we are using this as our base




It is a food pyramid from the University of Michigan. One thing I like, is that the base is water. We did a compare and contrast vs. the USDA one and talked about how different they were. How it is good to look around and not just take the first thing you see as gospel . (The current USDA was heavily influenced by the dairy lobbyists. Dairy is as big as veg and bigger than fruit). We looked at some others and decided the Michigan one looks the most balanced. Now we are going through it and reading about the groups. We talk about how protein does different things in our body than carbs (there are great links on the site) Once we understand the importance and use of everything we are going to plan one month of food for our family using the food pyramid. Then we are going to shop and cook together. (I am hopefully that we will have the month planned out and eat that way for May.) I know it is not a set curriculum, but maybe it will help.




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Oh, and I also have this although we have not started it yet.




Health, Hygiene, and nutrition. It is written for a class room, so I need to do some adapting. We are just going to do the Health and Hygiene part as I already told you what I am planning for nutrition.


We also have kids to the rescue, first aid for kids that I am planning on doing in the summer.


Last thing, one of the other reasons I like the food chart above, it has chocolate on it:lol:

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Here's some ideas:


This looks really good, but we've not used it - want try it next summer.


This is really good, we have used it & may repeat again when kids are older. I still use the text for reference & the kids do too!



We used these with the above resource and they worked extremely well together.



(Kids were 5,7 & 9 when we did the above two books- I was... um, a lot older & I learned a bunch. Everyone really enjoyed the experiments/recipes & the kids remember a lot of what they learned. Time well spent!)

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I got the version of this for 1-2nd graders for my 2nd grade son--hated it....just a head's up-might want to see if you can look through it first.....wasn't really what we were looking for and I think I got a bad seller-it had some marking in it and the book just looked more used than what I was expecting....I ended up tossing it out.... I really want a good health/hygiene book for my kiddo too.....

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