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Which Midsummer's Night Dream from Netflix?

Brenda in FL

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Any recommendations for this title that I can get from Netflix? I've read the reviews for the BBC and Royal Shakespeare versions - and neither seem very enticing. What have you thought about these productions?


I prefer a theatrical version - but if there is a movie adaptation that is not to be missed please let me know (as well as any scenes that might be visually questionable - racy scenes, nudity, etc. I understand that there will be these things - but is it done in a manner that I don't have to cover my children's eyes


Thanks for your input!!

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We like this version. Weird, yes, but Kevin Kline as Nick Bottom is hilarious. :)



Second this. Kevin Kline is absolutely outrageously funny in this version. Keep in mind that there are some scenes you may not want your children watching. I saw this years ago so can't remember the details, but iirc there is some nudity and some innuendo here and there.


ETA: OP - I just reread your post and thought I'd add that if I were you, I'd preview the movie first. At 51yo I do not want to see nude bodies in a movie, so I turn away until I'm reasonably sure the scene is over (or fast forward). You should probably watch it first since you are the best judge of what you consider acceptable nudity.

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