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Movie: John Adams

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Our family just got done watching this series of 7 parts 1 hr each about. It is an absolutely fantastic series. There are a few bad parts in it though. It would need to be sensored or fast forwarded. One place where 2 men are near a ship but not in it, are talking, and they take one of the men down to tar and feather him, so they take his clothes literally all off, and John and his wife together a few places. It really gave our girls a good feel of what it was like and the pain that they all went through.


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DH really enjoyed this series as well. I had the fortune of sitting down and watching the tar and feathering part. :ack2: It was not intentional by any means, just bad timing on my part. It didn't help matters that DH explained the details of it, and the fact that most ppl died.

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The book is SO much better! I tried to watch this series after reading the book but I didn't think it portrayed him well. I couldn't watch it. I LOVED the book by McCullough and I encourage you to read it if you want to really get a picture of John and Abigail...and all their situations. I am a huge John and Abigail Adams fan now because of it :)


I also encourage you to visit the John Adams National Park outside of Baltimore...one of the best tours we've been on (and also one of the least expensive!) Almost all the items are original to the Adams family.

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