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Dictation for a 6th grader?


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Should my 6th grader still be doing any dictation?


This is the first year since second grade that he has not had dictation at least once a week. (In the early grades it was twice a week.)


This is usually what he does weekly for LA:


Growing with Grammar (4 days)

Keys to Good Language (4 days)

Write-at-Home (1 assignment)


For history, he does one outline and one summary once a week. He also outlines two sermons at church once a week.


I thought at 6th grade he was past the dictation stage. Am I wrong? Does he still need to be doing any dictation? If so, how much?

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I think that dictation is a valuable tool to be used at any age. Only you can decide how much he needs and where to fit it into his curriculum. Using more and more complex dictation passages will help him grow in his ability. Try to use some passages from books he is reading.



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I think the notetaking he's doing at church is a good transition. The main point of dictation at this age/stage would be holding the words in his head to get his thoughts out as well as more sophisticated punctuation. As long as he has those things, he's fine. Doing two language/grammar programs, you're probably getting the punctuation. The notetaking builds his ability to hold his thoughts in his head and get it all down, since the preacher doesn't stop for him. ;)

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