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Admission essay format

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I know the usual 1" margins, 12 pt Times Roman (e.g.), double space. But is there a format for name, date, title, etc. Is it like a resume with your name and address at the top, possibly centered, or is it like a school paper with name, date, etc. double-spaced left? Title goes where?


Thank you in advance,


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The only "rule" that I recall is that you'll want the applicant's name to be on every sheet submitted. I tried to keep all documents consistent, so that the profile, the course descriptions, etc., all had the same header, something like "Last Name, page number," because all the documents were submitted in one big package. Though, in all likelihood, most applications will be scanned, if submitted in print, and dumped into a digital file, so there isn't much chance that pages will be lost. But as for the heading, I think we went with centered title, name below. Can't remember about the date.


I think consistency is the key here.


Huh. Re-reading this, it does not seem helpful. Hopefully Kareni will weigh in. ;)

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I agree with all that Nicole said.


In the paperwork that I mailed in support of my daughter's application, I had her name on the bottom of each page. The package contained transcript (okay, that had her name at the top!), homeschool profile, counselor letter, course descriptions, and her reading and textbook list.


The essay itself would be a part of your child's application. I don't believe there is any particular format your child needs to follow as regards margins and title; however, I would be sure his/her name is on every page.


Here's an older thread about essays. Perhaps some of the examples will prove helpful.




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If the essay will be submitted electronically via the Common App, then when you upload the file, the Common App will put some info on each page that you will see if you do a Print Preview. Two years ago when my ds applied using the Common App, it put "Personal Essay Upload" on the upper left and his name on the upper right. It also put his name on the center bottom with an application number. On the bottom right was the date uploaded and "generated online".


So -- if you're submitting electronically through the Common App, you might want to do a test upload and then check the formatting using Print Preview to make sure that your margins look good and the title and extra info you have near the top and bottom don't interfere with what the Common App puts on there automatically.


Best wishes,


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