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Favorite Titles about the Space Race?


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I am trying to finish up buying our last bit of books to go with SOTW 4 this year. I live 5 minutes from Johnson Space Center here in Houston so I am cracking up that this is one of the last chapters I have to research. :tongue_smilie: Woulda thought I would have had this one nailed at the very start!


Anyway, what are your favs on this subject? This is for a nine/ten year old boy if that matters in any recommendations. :)

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Our study of the space race is set to happen in about a month. I haven't read either of these books, but have read ABOUT them on blogs.


This is the Way to the Moon by Sasek



The Moon Over Star by Aston


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I have been doing a bit more research and found 2 books that look wonderful.


One Small Step: Celebrating the First Men on the Moon

This book says ages 4-8 and is written in the form of a scrapbook. I am so excited about this book! I think it will be perfect for the my youngers.


T-Minus: Race to the Moon

And this book looks perfect for my older son. It is written like a comic book and he LOVES comic books. :)

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