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Crochet yarn question

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I recently learned to crochet, so pardon my lack of understanding. :tongue_smilie: I made ds a hat for this winter, but he has a big head and it didn't fit. I found another pattern that I think will fit, but it calls for chunky yarn. I would really like to use the worsted (4) weight that i already have. How different will the result be if I use the lighter weight? Will that make it a lot smaller?


Thanks for the help!

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If the weight of the yarn isn't right, you will have a smaller size hat. You can do a search (google) on the importance of gauge with a pattern. It doesn't matter much with afghans (what I generally crochet) but it would matter a lot more with clothing.


You could try using two threads of your worsted weight yarn and see if that matches the suggested gauge for the hat. You may also want to adjust the hook to get a better gauge.


Hope this helps some. Afghans are much easier but tougher to wear on your head. :D

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Increasing the hook size will just make the loops (or holes) bigger. If you want the same look using a lighter weight yarn, you will need to increase the stitch count. Try to understand the repeat and increase the number of stitches by 25-50%. Crochet patterns are fairly easy to adapt.


If the pattern starts with the brim, you could always measure size using an existing hat of your husbands.

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