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Is reading in dim light REALLY bad for your eyes?

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My 3 year old dd LOVES to look at books. There is hardly any room for her in her bed because she has so many books in there.

My problem is that if I have the lights too bright she never gets any sleep because she will just keep looking at books. I have a night light in there so she can just see the books but it is very dim. This helps her not to stay up too late (and sleep during naptime) but I am worried about her eyesight. Does anyone have opinions on this?


This is my first time in the General Board:D.

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It is my opinion that it is an old wives tale.


With all the things wrong with my eyes, and an inability it to be in bright light is one of them, my eye sight has never been effected by reading in low light.

I've just turned 44 and have never needed glasses.


I heard something that makes a great deal of sense to me: The pupil will open to allow in more light. So as long as one can see the words on the page one can read without worrying about light level.



PS. Welcome to the madness of the General Board.

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I've also heard that's an old wive's tale, despite what dh believes to the contrary. :tongue_smilie:


I think I even heard the "standard" for lighting in public places was put forth by the light bulb people a eons ago. I frequently leave my house dim, and flip lights off as soon as whoever charged into my space and flipped them on is out of my room.


What I don't do, because of how it makes my eyes feel, is watch a monitor or a TV in the dark.

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