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Grammar question HELP!

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We're trying to identify the parts of this sentence, and I'm absolutely clueless! I can't even figure out what the subject is..."best design" "this"? :lol:


Is this the best design for the bedroom?




Hi, Sandy.


To analyze a question, you sort of ignore the fact that it's a question and turn it back to a sentence, as in: This is the best design for the bedroom.



This: subject

is: verb

the best: adjectives

design: predicate nominative

for the bedroom: prepositional phrase


I've not done much grammar with these guys for a few years, so it's possible I've screwed something up. If so, I'm sure the correct information will turn up.



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This is the best design for the bedroom


This - subject

is - linking verb

the - article

best - adj

design - predicate adjective

for - preposition

the - article

bedroom - object of preposition


Now, my gf adds that (for the bedroom) is a prepositional phrase used as an adjective modifying design. I cannot confirm nor deny that one.

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