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Any links for Map outlines following The Core?


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First I did search for old threads first, maybe I was just putting the wrong words into the search.


Has anyone found some good links for the map outlines they talk about in the core? We have a great world map on our wall, so I am specifically thinking about the diagrams of the 5 great circles. In the book she says she enlarged those and printed 100, I think that sounds great, but I can't find any online.


Help please.




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Sorry that I can't be more specific - but the various Draw, Write, Now animal books also include instructions on how to draw maps, very much like the way they are described in The Core. Each book emphasizes a different map, but I believe at least one does the whole world map, while other books may just focus on different continents.

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ok, I am being really dense today. I can't get one with just the great circles. What am I doing wrong?



Go to the link above, click on a projection, then "coordinate map." In there, select "Not shown on map" for lines of latitude and lines of longitude. Select "shown on map" for equator, prime meridian, and tropic & polar circles. You can uncheck compass rose and map scale if you don't want them on there. Then click "Create Worksheet." It still shows the continent outlines, but the only lines on it should be the great circles and the prime meridian. For now we're just tracing the lines and ignoring the continent outlines. Later we'll add those in. I hope I wasn't misleading when I said "only the great circles." The continents are on there too, but no other lines.


Hope this helps.

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