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Help for Choosing Topic Sentences?

Joy at Home

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Can you elaborate? I don't quite understand what you are looking for.



Sorry - We are using IEW and writing reports, but dd is having trouble writing a topic sentence. For instance, a report on elephants with a first paragraph pertaining to habitat, she would write four or five sentences, then go back and try to write a topic sentence for the paragraph. She'll draw a blank; even a simple one, like, "Elephants live in many different habitates" does not come naturally to her.


So I guess what I'm looking for are exercises, and I know I've seen them in various workbooks before but can't remember the name, where four or five sentences on a topic are listed and you have to come up with a strong topic sentence.


And yes, I know I could work on this myself but dd loves workbooks and doesn't use many of them, so I thought this might be a good way for her to practice.




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