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DIVE Biology DVDs

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I'm considering purchasing the DIVE Biology DVDs. My question is does the DVDs also come with lab sheets that you print out at home or do I need to buy lab books at an extra price?


Also, I realize this is not a secular program. However, are the labs. themselves, secular in nature?






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Hi Myra,

We have used DIVE for chemistry only, not bio, but I would expect the format to be the same. For chemistry, you can print the workbook pages from your computer, including the lab worksheets, or you can pay for a copy for a printed copy of the workbook pages. I thought that choice was worth the money.

In chemistry, the labs were just labs. Bio might be different in terms of the amount of commentary. Are there any sample labs on the website?



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The lab reports and worksheets that correlat to the lectures are available on the CD.


There are usually one or two references to God and creation for each lab. There is also a section on evolution. We haven't gotten to that part yet, so I can't say what his beliefs are. This section could be skipped if you didn't agree with his theory.

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