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What kind of boots for ds?

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I really need to get ds some boots for this winter, but I have no idea what style to get. He is 3yo. He needs something to keep his feet warm and dry, but I don't really like the big, heavy looking snow boots I've seen in the stores. I would like to get him something that would be dressy enough to wear to church, but that could also be used for everyday stuff. And no cowboy boots.


Can you tell boots are not my thing? I just bought my first ever pair of boots last winter. I can't be carrying him to the car all winter this year. He's getting heavy!


Any suggestions, especially if you can link to an example would be very, very appreciated!!!

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hmmm. i live in the land of "big heavy looking snowboots" :laugh: ....but i wonder...i have an idea in my head of what might work for you, but i don't know if they still make them. i had a pair when i was a kid (around 6?) and loved them in the fall/spring --- all i remember is that they were called "cougars" and they were like... kinda like maybe hiking boots? they were brown and had laces, fairly thick treads, came up just above my ankles.....

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Land's End snow flurry boots. They are simple, nice looking, keep the tootsies warm, and currently $20 (and you could score free shipping).


Between my 3 kids, we've gone through 4 pair so far, and I need to order more. They will last longer than your child will be in that size. :)



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