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Ugh this stinks!!!!

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I was just in the process of updating my livejournal account (I have a paid membership until May incidentally) and as I was uploading pictures, it told me that there was "no more room" on this account or some such!


Ugggggghhhhhhh I can't upload any more pictures to my blog!


This won't do!!!!!


Now what?! Do I have to start a second livejournal account? Am I better off switching to somewhere else entirely? Help!

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I could maybe delete older photos, but I hate to do that lol.


I could pay to upgrade my storage space from 2GB to 10GB and decide if I want to pay for six months or a year or whatever, but I'm not sure I understand how that works.


If I paid for 10GB and paid for a year, does that mean that I can use up to 10GB of storage space within that year?


And then what about if I renew for another year. Do I then get ANOTHER 10GB for that year? Does it keep building for each period you pay for? Or do you get 10GB total as long as you're paying for it, and once you've used it up, that 10GB, you've reached full capacity regardless?

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