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How many pills/supplements do you take? Which do you take at what time of day?

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I've been very spotty about taking my supplements, so I finally bought myself an a.m./p.m. pill box to make it easier. But there are so many pills! Multi, B-booster, 5-HTP, fish oil, calcium, probiotics (kept in fridge), D drops... And I'm wanting to add a few other things for immune system boosting (last winter was pretty bad for us thanks to my thumbsucker) and possibly the ginseng that was recommended in another thread. But is that a ridiculous number of supplements? I try to get as much from our food as possible, but I really don't eat as well as I'd like (or as well as I feed the girls!), so I'm trying to cover my bases with supplements.


How many do you take? Do you feel like it's too many? What do you find you prefer to take at night? I have to take my fish oil at night or it upsets my stomach, and I'd like to take my multi and maybe a few other things then too (to reduce the load in the morning), but I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to take supplements at night unless it's really necessary.


What's your routine?



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