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Am I Seeing Things?

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I remember 2 of them: once there was a picture of a man and a woman being intimate, a magazine picture on a table, and another time a dog was graphically enhanced with a large male (human) appendage. I really don't want to google, LOL, but I do recall people almost expecting the graphic designers to se%ually alter at least one pic in the catalogues, it was an almost "Where's Waldo" thing.

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I think the lighting combined with the fit of the shirt is the biggest factor there. Just like bright, even lighting can wash out depth, high contrast is going to exaggerate it. If you consider how much shadow her little shirt is casting, I think the shadow of her perfectly normal anatomy is pretty much in proportion.

Any enhancement that may have been done could have conceivably been needed to "correct" for how low the shirt was dipping on the shoot. On my (older) girls, a thing or two (iykwim) might have been visible in that position.

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