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games for kids

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hey guys!


anyone have any recommendations on good board games or card games for kids? i have a 7 year old daughter. i'm looking for games that make her think.. no candy land kinda game. i hear tangram is good and so is the card game set. any others?




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We got Enchanted Forest by Ravensuburger for my daughter last Christmas. We've really enjoyed it. It involves logic and memory and some strategy. My 7yo is just now starting to get into the strategy part, and I think it will be a game we enjoy for years to come. :)

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Sequence for Kids has long been a hit at our house.


Also, Mastermind, Set, Rat-a-Tat-Cat - all teach math and logic skills.


We have several solitaire games that are thinking games too - Royal Rescue, Castle Logix, Rush Hour Jr, Mighty Mind (though 7 yo might be on the older side for that one).


For fun, my kids really like Who What Where Jr. and the Lego game Minotaurus.

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Definitely Set, and we also like the cooperative games from Family Pastimes. We've also been playing Payday lately, and that has sparked a lot of discussion about finances, interest, spending, loans, etc.


ETA: Oh, and I forgot to add No-Stress Chess. We've moved past the beginner stage, but this was a terrific way to teach DD8 (then 6) about how to play chess. The card game aspect made all of it a LOT easier (and faster). In fact, DD5 asked me to play for the first time the other day and in spite of her usually short attention span, actually insisted on finishing the game!

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many of the Gamewrite games are great...go to Amazon and search gamewrite....there are LOTS.


I agree with almost everything on this list so far. As far as Gamewright games go - we love them. Our favorites so far are:


Sleeping Queens

Frog Juice


I bet we've played them a hundred times a piece so far this year. We're hoping for Zeus on the Loose for Christmas!


Sum Swamp is a good one for learning addition and subtraction facts.



Another one we love. Well, the kids love it and I can tolorate it because it's short and educational.


DH and I play Carcassone and love it. Recently we've had my niece and step-daughter (both 6 yo) start playing with us and they understand the rules. It's a fun adult game so I'm excited that they can play.

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