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Well, I probably skewed this education poll

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Amazingly, it was not a political poll this time but one on education (but not an overtly political one about education). The pollster starts asking me questions about what grade my kids are etc. No problem. He asked what school district serves our area. Again, no problem. He asked if my kids were in the public schools in our area. I said no. Again, no problem. (I assume he thinks they are in private school.) Then he asks a series of questions about if the teacher of my child's school is good, if I help with homework etc. I stop him and tell him that I can't really answer these questions because we homeschool. He told me to answer the ones I could and to say "no opinion" for the ones that don't apply. We ended up giggling through most of it. I don't know how proper it was when he answered for me "Very involved" for the question of "How involved are you in your child's education?" :D But this was the first poll I've answered where I really liked the pollster.

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I had a poll about our power company last year. I talked to the guy for like 30 min. I was waiting for fil to get out of surgery and was desperate for distraction. I was this guys first call of the evening and we chatted about his twins and since he was out of state I corrected his pronunciation of the local rivers and towns.


It was kind of fun.


Yea, you can always tell who's from out of state by how they try to pronounce certain local place names.

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