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Teaching your SN (super literal) child about God?

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I have really been slacking on incorporating the bible into our daily schooling. I would like to really start working on some basics with Boo. He's been to church (we can't go regularly because of his challenges but DH plays in the church band every Sunday).

Boo knows about God and knows about Jesus but I have a SUPER hard time teaching him about God's "love". He asks so many literal questions about Him that it makes it difficult for him to understand the answers.


"Why doesn't God get rid of the bad guys?"


"Where is God?"


"But, I can't see him, so how do I know he's there?"


"I can't feel him in my heart....is he tiny and he just lives there? Well, then how can he be everywhere if he's in MY heart?"


"If God loves me, then why doesn't he fix my owies?"


It's these questions that I can't seem to answer :( I can explain it to my older kids...and I could even explain it to other kids Boo's age....but he's functioning (at times) on a 3 year old level. BUT, he's also aware at a 6 year old level of his limitations (if that makes sense).


Any thoughts/ideas? How do you teach about God? How do you instill feelings of reverence/faith/comfort/hope/love for Him in your child?

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That's going to be tough. Is there anyway he would go with "No one really understand how God works becaus he is so much smarter and wiser than us," and/or "God lives in a special place that we can't see or hear because we aren't ready to see him yet, " etc....

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:grouphug: we have held off on introducing zach to religion (other than the very basic) because he is a very emotional child and we were afraid if we told him "someone died for him etc" that it would just freak him out....have always wanted to go to church but because of his add/adhd/ASD challenges he hasn't been able to be quiet/still enough to be able to go to church without disrupting everything---he's been on meds for about 3 months now and about 1 month ago we started going to a church down the block from us and it's been great-hasn't been all smooth but the lady over the children's programs is working with us on getting special attention for zach and if he can't handle being in sunday school or church to let him go into the nursery-he's done great--he's 7 1/2 and is easily overwhelmed in new situations so he knows the nursery ladies very well LOL but has done great in sunday school too---slowly but surely......I hope to have him learn more as he grows in the church......and zach is full of the "why/how" questions about jesus and god and the angels and heaven too.....

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I've had some of those thrown at me, some literal, some just way beyond what I am able to communicate, you know, questions that I have heard adults asking. I just explain the best I am able and ask the Holy Spirit to fill in the gaps, He can hear the questions of their hearts so I figure he can take my imperfect words and answer what they need to know:001_smile:

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I do not have experience with special needs children but I do have some input.


Have you considered using a children's catechism and teaching that to your child? The children's catechism based on the Westminister confession of Faith is very basic and includes a scriptural reference for each point. I have taught it starting with children two years old - so I think you might be able to use it with your child. A catechism is a Q&A format that is memorized, but it is instilling Biblical truths in your child's mind/heart. Here are some sample questions:


Are there more gods than one? There is only one true God. (Deut. 6:4)

What is God? God is a spirit and has no body as we do. (John 4:24)

Can you see God? No; I cannot see God but He can always see me. (Prov. 15:3)


Using a tool like this can really help to teach a child about God and his plan for salvation. And as parents if we can be familiar with it - then we can hopefully have scriptural answers for our kids. And most of the times the simple answers like those above are all our children need to hear!


One book that might be appropriate for you to read with your child incorporating the catechism in a story type fashion is Big Truths for Little Kids: Teaching Your Children to Live for God by Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt. This book is perfect for very young children - but you'll have to see if its at the right level for your child and meshes with your faith.


In John Ch. 10, Jesus says that his sheep know His voice and listen to Him. Simply teach your child the truths found in the Bible and trust that Jesus is able to work in your child's mind and heart so that he can understand. It may be easier than you think to answer most of his questions.


God bless!


ETA: Just looking through my copy of the above book, there are plenty of "advanced" questions in the catechism as well - but as a previous poster said - the Holy Spirit will enable your child to understand all that he needs! And as parents - if we can learn something from a children's catechism - all the more better equppied we become in rightfully handling the Word!

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Thank you all for the great responses :) Brenda~ I think the idea of having a question and answer type book is awesome! I'll look into those books you suggested :)


I want him to know God and feel comforted by Him....but I'm afraid the more I explain, the more angry he will be at God for the junk he has to deal with :(

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Thank you all for the great responses :) Brenda~ I think the idea of having a question and answer type book is awesome! I'll look into those books you suggested :)


I want him to know God and feel comforted by Him....but I'm afraid the more I explain, the more angry he will be at God for the junk he has to deal with :(


The truth is, God is sad right alongside him! It's sin. Sin is the enemy here and the bad things that happen are because of sin. Period.


My SN boy is not quite at that level, but every night we pray and thank God for making 3 things, usually things he's talked about or seen that day, and I always end the same way. For example: Thank you God for making apples, raindrops and puppy dogs. And thank you for always being with us and loving us, even if we don't see you. Amen.


We just keep repeating every night. I've heard the most beautiful thing lately: my boy in his room, in the middle of the night, singing in an angelic voice, to the audience of One: I got that joy joy joy joy, down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart, I got that joy joy joy joy down in my heart, down in my heart to stay. And I'm so happy, so very happy, I have the love of Jesus in my heart, and I'm so happy, so very happy, I have the love of Jesus in my heart. :D Gotta love Cedarmont Kids DVDs!

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Here's a childrens catechism you can take a look at online or download it for free.




Question 1


Who made you ?


Genesis 1:27 And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.



Joyce Herzog has written materials for special needs children.


One of them is Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith.

"37 devotions based on Scripture; written at a 2nd grade reading level, but designed to tug at the heartstrings of all ages. Twaddle-free truths we all need to apply. This will draw your family together! -"



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Honestly, even adults struggle with similar questions. Here's something that may help. I taught a curriculum entitled "The ABC's of God - A Study for Children on the Greatness and Worth of God ", published by http://www.childrendesiringgod.org/ This particular syllabus teaches the attributes of God...connecting each attribute to the letters of the alphabet. Not baby-ish at all, though. It bears striking resemblance to Tozer's "Knowledge of the Holy". Anyway, the letter "I" describes God

with large, gold bulletin board size letters spread out across the floor, spelling: I N C O M P R E H E N S I B L E

...because God is so BIG he can never be fully comprehended, understood or known. It is quite effective concrete communication of truth. The letter size and word size itself helps bring "comprehension" to the meaning of the word and attribute it describes. I am not saying that we cannot explain, with confidence, why God may or may not do some things. However, none of us will ever understand everything He does. Often, we need to mature and be taught by God Himself to be able to truly understand certain whys? and wherefores?. In other words, His "Incomprehensiblity" is a basic truth and attribute of GOD that we can rest in, when we don't understand. Of course, the child is also learning:


W WISE- God causes everything to work out perfectly.

G Good- God is good in all He is and does.

O Omniscient- God knows everything.

S Sovereign- God has the right, the wisdom, and the power to do all that He pleases.


...and so on.


Your son's literal thinking needn't be a barrier to learning about the

Greatness and Worth of God. ;) It can be a strength.



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