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Last minute craft idea for Dad's birthday?

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Thanks to the great book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I decided to go all out and make a nice birthday for dh.


Well, "all out" for us. Cake, dinner out, great present.


But I waited too long and want the kids to make something for him. His birthday is on Tuesday.


The boys are 7 yrs. Any relatively easy/neat craft ideas that would make a great birthday present. (Dh is 41 yrs.)





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Can you make a picture frame using a hobby as a theme?


My dh tans hides, so I made a frame from scraps. You could easily do it with other hobbies, too.


One year he tried to shoot a turkey in our yard, but missed and hit the deck. So we made a shirt for him. Hand print turkeys marching across the front of the shirt. He's a good sport and laughs about it still.



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A few times I have taken a picture of dh and ds and then cut it out and put on folded scrapbook paper (thick kind). Then I let ds decorate it and write a note.


Many of the other gifts have been forgotten but those handmade cards still sit on dh's bookshelves in his office.

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