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We have a pet wasp...

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I don't know what to say. We found one this morning, & I caught him instead of killing him.


Even killing wasps is so far outside my comfort zone, I think my genes must have done that splicey thing where you get super powers.


Now I've gone completely round the bend. Ralph is sitting here on the carpet beside me, trying to sting his jar--isn't that cute? Ds is watching him like he'd watch a fish in a tank.


Meanwhile, I stayed up all night drawing out a timeline of ancient history & reading about Stonehenge. Y'all are hs mamas, so that doesn't sound too weird, but here's the thing: we're studying modern times. This isn't for the kids.


I've just LOST IT.

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A prof bug service just came to take care of our wasp problem. I didn't have time to move Ralph, so I was faced w/ the awkward problem of trying to explain.


"I caught one," I said..."um...we're homeschoolers, see...and...I don't *really* like bugs, at all..."


"No problem," he says, "lots of folks do that, to show us what kind they've got."


Well lots of folks are CRAZY.


I took the kids & ran away. (But had to come back for my glasses. And then again for cash. But then we RAN.)


Came home to a note that said: "I sprayed the one in the jar. Be sure to wash the jar." :svengo:


RIP, Ralph. :angelsad2: (Sorry, there was no devil sad face. Because let's face it: we all know where wasps are going.)


On a brighter note, we've been home to the smell of bug spray for less than 5 min, & I've already killed ANOTHER wasp. That's #4 for me today. Too bad the bug guy didn't leave us a tally.

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