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What Does a Broad Education Mean to You?

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In this day and age I think it is impossible to have a totally broad education- just one that is relatively broad compared to others, I guess. There is too much to know.

I think it is such a general term that has virtually lost meaning due to its generality.

To me....its to have a solid foundation in maths, science and language skills...but its mainly to be 'widely read'. Now, its impossible to be widely read in all areas in these times. But it is possible to have a curious mind and a passion for continuing to learn about a variety of topics, including history and current affairs.

I do enjoy meeting people who are widely read and can take up an intelligent conversation on a wide range of topics. Many of these people I am sure became widely read as adults...its a life long thing rather than something we can cram into a kid in 18 or 25 years. I think we can just plant the seeds and water them.

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