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Apologia=Book versus CD??

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okay we are finishing

Exploring Creation with Physical Science.

The CDs

it was a hand me down from another who didn't like it for her child.

My 9th grader loves it!!

So I prepare for his next year, and he wants to do the Biology.


This is where I come to you great minds and those that have blazed the trail in front of me???


Books? or do the CD again?

We (my son and I) have pondered out the good, bad and ugly, but before ordering would love your opinions and thoughts!


Thank you!!

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Apologia offers a CD-Rom that is just a supplement to the text, and then it offers the full text on disk. My dd prefers to work from a book, but if your son prefers to work on the computer, that could work too. I would think that it could be challenging when it comes time to study as there's nothing to highlight, etc.. Then again, it might be great for learning how to take good notes. :)

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Yes, we have the full CD this year, and that is what I would get again. He doesn't take notes, ?? eep, really, he reads from the computer and does the study guides and module reviews as needed?

I have to have a book, I can't get it reading long passages from a computer...but geesh, he seems to breeze right thru it?


I just keep thinking biology, you have to really use the images and such...

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We prefer the books here.


It was also an opportunity for my son to learn to take notes/outline a textbook which is a skill he is using up a storm now that he's in college. Of course, you can do that with the disk too. We also like to highlight . . . I guess we just like books, LOL.


If using the disc has worked good for your son, go with what works.


We really enjoyed Apologia Biology. It really sparked my son's interest in biology, and now he's majoring in biology. I have fond memories of the program. :001_smile:

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I am ordering the Full Course CD's for Biology and Chemistry next month. I am so excited!! It seems they changed their demo or whatever from last year when I looked at these for my daughter, or maybe now they don't show as much. But I think they are really going to like it, and it gives them a change of pace for a bit. Almost everything we're doing this year is out of a book, so it's nice to stretch our legs so to speak :)

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We started out with the CD (Bio) and then I found a book at the thrift store. We use both - when DD gets tired of sitting in front of the computer, she gets the book and reads outside or in her room. I can also copy and paste some text and email it to my phone and refer to it when we discuss. I require her to take notes ALL the time to use when we do our discussions. She is not allowed to just copy what is written on the book but to summarize it in her own words. Note taking goes into part of her grade for the discussion/participation segment.


HTH. :)

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