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What to do with very thinly sliced pork chops

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I sprinkle tenderizer lightly on both sides, sprinkle with a bit of Lawry's Seasoning salt and stab them all over with a fork. Cover and let sit for an hour in the fridge then do on the grill on the lowest heat Grill on the frist side until they're almost cooked through to the other side, flip and cook only a few more minutes.


We like them on buns with BBQ sauce. Clearly we've eaten at the county fair too often...

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I love the thin cut pork chops. I use tenderizer on them about 30 minutes before cooking. I usually fry them because my husband and daughter think it is such a great treat. I dip them in an egg wash. Then, I put them in cornmeal, flour, seasoned salt and pepper. The thin ones fry up so nice and crunchy. I haven't had any trouble with them being tough at all.




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I always make thin pork chops using a method I learned in The Joy of Cooking when I was first married- and they always come out moist.


I melt some butter in a pan, season the chops with s&p, brown them for just a couple minutes on both sides, then cover the pan and let them cook a few minutes more until they're cooked through. The steam created from covering them makes them moist and juicy. The key is just cooking until done and not overcooking them.

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Here is what I do with very thin pork chops. I really like my pork or any meat thinly cut actually.


I get the grill really hot. While it is getting hot dash some garlic salt and pepper on the chops. Then put your favorite bbq sauce in a bowl so it is ready to use quickly. Next go to the grill with your pork chops, bbq sauce, tongs, and your serving plate. Put them on the grill. In just like 2 or 3 min open the grill and turn. The meat should look pretty white already. Cover the now side up with bbq sauce. Now you are just cooking them on the other side to get a good sear mark and let the bbq cook for a min or two. Open and flip again add some more bbq sauce to the other side, let it get a little warm not too long to do that. Plate it and eat.


The save well for bbq sands the next day.

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OK, it seemed that the majority of you pan-fried these chops. So....I used the pioneer woman technique, added the new potatoes, and made some french cut green beans with candied pecans. Oh, yeah, the fellas are HAPPY ;)


Thanks all - you're the best!


Glad it worked out! YUMMM!!!


eta: It is things like this that keep my dh convinced that all good things flow from TWTM board. :)

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