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Pain after ear surgery??

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My dd had surgery 9 days ago to repair a hole in her ear. They had to go in from behind her ear and patch a large area. The incision site behind her ear is healing well and when the doc saw her Monday he said the patch inside looked really good. However, she has had pain in her ear ever since the surgery. She is living on ibuprofen. We told the doc Monday that she was hurting a lot and he was surprised. He said most kids don't take any pain meds after this surgery. He thought that removing the packing that had been in her ear would relieve it. Well, it hasn't. She still hurts. She is able to play and do schoolwork, but complains about the pain throughout the day. I called and talked to the nurse and she didn't think there was much more we could do. She was going to talk to the doc and call me back today.


In the mean time, have any of you or your dc had a similar experience? Did the pain finally go away on it's own? I can't decide how worried I should be. :confused:

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