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looking for another phonics program like ETC


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I have a child who is not progressing in Phonics like I would like him too. We have been using ETC, but I haven't been as diligent as I should, so he is lagging behind. Which, is not a big deal, except his younger brother by 2 years will be closing in on him if we don't get moving. Nathan (6) is going to be finishing ETC 2 in a few days and Matthew (8) might need to go back to ETC 3 or 3 1/2...so I was wondering if I could find a program similar to ETC for Matthew to review some things....but I like ETC becasue it is not too teacher intensive and with 3 kids, that is a bonus. Can someone make a suggestion for me???

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The school phonics workbooks might be good. They are set up differently than a normal phonics program, starting with long vowels, so it is a good way to mix it up. Some of it is independent and some you would need to work with him.


You could also try the 1908 Webster's Speller! You can focus on the basics while reading stories at a fairly high reading grade level--you work on the words first, then read the stories.


You don't need the School Phonics Teacher's Manual, it's self explanatory to someone who has already taught another phonics program.




Sample pages from the 1st student workbook:




Student Book 2:




Another idea is the program on my how to tutor page, although that is fairly teacher intensive. But, it works great! My online lessons cover most of the same things and would give you a break, you would just need to make sure his is writing down the spelling words and paying attention.

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