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Would the transition from Apologia Physics to AP Physics B using the Giancoli text be

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easy? Anyone can comment on this? We are finding that doing AP Chemistry after Apologia Chemistry hard. It is doable buy ds. is working hard at it. So I am planning to do a different Chem. course with my younger ds. I am looking forward to your input.



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Ds is doing AP Physics B with PA Homeschoolers which uses Giancoli after using Apologia Physics last year BUT he also used Georgia Public Broadcasting Physics course and supplemented for some lessons with Holt Physics. He has also done the first three modules of Advanced Physics (Apologia).


He hasn't taken the AP test yet, so I can't really say. So far, I cannot say that he is struggling and is not spending quite as many hours as recommended. But they could be gearing up at this point.


He would watch the subject in the GPB then do the problems in Apologia. It was not always easy to match up, but I figured that sooner or later they would hit the same topics (usually true, not always). In fact GPB covered some that aren't in Apol....


Maybe you could supplement with GPB Chemistry?



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Joan, thank you for your helpful input. There might also be the possibility for ds. to do an introductory college course in Physics. So we are weighing the options. So, is your ds. enjoying AP Physics with PA Homeschoolers? Would you recommend it? Thanks again.

Ds. is really liking AP Euro with G. Harrison. The AP Chem. teacher is great too. It is just a lot of work. He is doing alright not stellar. I am hoping that he will really get the work load and time management figured out for AP Chemistry soon.

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