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Does anyone know where I can get addition worksheets with pictures of c-rods?


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I'm looking for math sheets with pictures of the cuisenaire rods for each problem? My dd likes to feel "independent" and do the problems without the rods, but she still needs the rod help. I was thinking if I could find some worksheets with rod pictures, she would enjoy those. Anyone know about this? I know I can always make them myself, but I was just wondering if it was already out there.

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I'm not sure if this is what you'd be interested in....but there's a book called Addition & Subtraction with Cuisenaire Rods (the older edition was called One-Digit Addition & Subtraction with Cuisenaire Rods):



Click below the picture for a sample (sample #2 shows that it's really cm grids that you color in to represent each colored rod.....so this isn't really what you are looking for).


I also just found this sample...I'm thinking of getting this book (wish I could see more samples)....I thought the truck idea was cute:




Here's two website you might be interested in. At the first linked site, I haven't gotten to try all of these yet, but my dd really likes the first one called Cuisenaire Environment:






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