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Have I missed out on Charlotte Mason's promises of "smooth and easy days" w/my kids?

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I love her writings about this. I read her works with such hope and promise. But I have a special needs child with severe ADHD, Aspergers and a smidge of OCD. Our days are just.so.challenging so often. Character training she says. Laying down those rails so that it is harder to jump off the tracks than just stay on them. If I have a special needs kids do I not get that? We do character training...a lot of it. We teach and train and discipline when necessary.


Sigh. I think I am just tired today. I love my kid. He is intelligent and happy...when he is not angry that one of us is not following his "script" or OCDing about some crazy detail (like asking over and over and over if everyone has their seatbelts buckled) or so completely distracted that a lesson that would take him 20 minutes takes him at least 2x that - even with me beside him. Anyone have any encouragement for me that it does get easier??? Please. :blush:

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Well, my aspie is 21 now--we homeschooled high school.


It gets better. He is still intense in some ways, doesn't get some social stuff, has overactive guilt, etc., but he still has my heart, and always will. Remember that part, and it gets easier.


Thanks, Chris. I was telling my little guy today (as we have had some huge issues with his struggle to obey) that I will always love him no matter what. And that my love is not tied to his performance. I love him because I love him. Period. That's part of what makes this so hard. I want such great things for him and I see all he can be. But some days it just feels like that forward progress just isn't happening and each step can be so hard. Thanks for reminding me that is does get easier. That's something to hold on to!

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