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How to prepare for the Geography Bee?


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We are over a year away, but in case my dd will want to, where should I start now in second grade?

What fun geography curriculum do you use at this age?

We have a big world map and US map, laminated, on the wall. And an inflated globe. What else do you find useful for geography?


Are there any online resources for preparing for this Bee?



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DS is the same age and I think this might be a good challenge for him as well! I have the official guide out from the library. He has learned most of the countries using Seterra (Free program/game available for download online). We have learned the continents and oceans in order from largest to smallest. I've had him read some geology/geography books as well. Beyond that I am at a bit of a loss, as this is not my area. So I will be following this thread as well!



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