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computer tests vs. paper tests

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How do you help your child do well on computer tests? I noticed that there was a HUGE difference on how he did on a PSAT practice test that was on paper ( close to 200) and the one that was on the computer with a cd rom ( 145). Now the PSAT is paper, so that is fine. But he took a stats test today and was bummed by his multiple choice score ( the rest of them haven't been that stellar either) Now it may be material is just hard, but I wonder if it isn't rushing through the answers when you do it on computer?? Also, it worries me for the SAT II on American history as that is all computerized, correct? I've let him to stats on his own.. I haven't really helped him. Should I just let him figure it out or should I work him through how to study for it and how to not rush on answering questions.



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I am pretty sure the SAT Subject Tests are pencil and paper like the SAT Reasoning Test. From the college board website:


Multiple-choice scanning quality control for SAT Subject Tests


All SAT Subject Tests are multiple-choice. The scanning accuracy of the SAT answer documents is very closely monitored with several quality assurance checks including alignment checks and double scanning of documents. We also control the humidity of the scanning facility to minimize environmental impacts on the system, and we conduct frequent and controlled maintenance of all scanning machines.


The following guidelines are published in our test and practice materials and are given to all test-takers:

Use a No. 2 pencil and a soft eraser. Do not use a pen or mechanical pencil.

Make sure you fill in the entire circle darkly and completely.

If you change your response, erase as completely as possible.


If the test-taker's marks conform to the published instructions for marking the answer sheet, the scanning and scoring processes, combined with the quality control procedures, are designed to produce an accurate score.

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My dd has taken a couple classes that use computer tests and we've also used computer tests that come with the texts. When I've reviewed what she's gotten wrong, the questions were unclear or were just poorly worded etc.


From what I'm guessing, most of these tests are from the text book companies and as a rule she does worse on these than other tests. I can't say I blame her though. I would do poorly too looking at the ?s. I feel the same way about some of the AP tests. You can read some of the questions and just go hum?


She's taking college classes and tests well in those, so I'm not getting too worried about the other tests being indicative of poor performance.

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