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Need perspective on National History Day topic

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My dd (8th grade) is dual enrolled and takes social studies at ps. They participate in National History Day each year, and she's decided to do a group project with a couple other girls who are good friends.

The topic this year is Debate & Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences.Each of the girls spent some time researching ideas and they got together yesterday to discuss them. Dd was interested in doing something related to the League of Nations and UN. The other girls decided on......


Barbie dolls. :001_huh:


I am trying to keep an open mind. I don't know if they've discussed it with the teacher, so I don't know her position on it. I'm not sure how Barbies has anything to do with debate and diplomacy, except that the depiction of women is controversial.


Dd isn't happy. She could still choose to do something on her own, but wants to think through the pros and cons of the Barbie topic first.


My main concern is that I don't think she's going to learn much history. But history isn't really my thing. Any chance this could turn out to be a worthwhile project?

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Maybe they could approach it from the perspective of debate over Barbie's role in an increasingly feminist society? Some people love Barbie, others think she represents an unrealistic and objectified perception of women.


I don't imagine Barbie has ever worked at the UN, though...:)

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