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TOG Users: A question


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Do you know if anywhere in the loom, or on the site, there are recommendations for Latin? I could have sworn I read quite a paragraph about Latin in the Loom, but I can't find it now. I've been on the site and skimmed the Loom several times this morning and I can't find what I am looking for.


I'm starting to evaluate Latin curriculum and before I make a decision I'd like to know what TOG recommends. Anyone have any idea? Did I just dream up what I thought I read?



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Yes, they do recommend that you do two years of Latin instruction during the late dialectic stage to solidify grammar. Here's what they say at Bookshelf Central:


We will soon be carrying Latin, but meanwhile, please keep the following under consideration:


  • Latin before the Dialectic level is really more for the mom/teacher than the student because it is at the Dialectic level that connections with the English language are made.
  • If you want to start learning Latin in preparation for teaching your student at the Dialectic level, I recommend Memoria Press's Latina Christiana. A teacher can go through this program in 5-10 minutes a day over the course of a few months and be adequately prepared to teach Latin when the time is right.
  • When you are ready to teach Latin, I currently recommend Latin in the Christian Trivium. Purchasing the activity book is unnecessary; we considered it busy work. http://www.latintrivium.com/


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At one time, they recommended Latin in the Christian Trivium. We decided to use LitCT since it was recommended by TOG and have loved it. We are now in our second year of Latin and I find the the program to be very well laid out and easy to teach. If you use all three years, it is certified in the state of CA for 3 years of high school Latin. (I used it with a bright 6th grader and 8th grader last year).






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I don't think that it would matter which Latin course you chose with regard to TOG. I would say that it is more important that you choose a course that makes sense to you and your students. You could always try to ask the question over on their forums if you can't find a complete enough answer elsewhere.



Yes, that is what I intend to do. Right now I'm just looking at all the recommendations. I realize it makes no difference which one I choose. I just want to put together a list from authors (amd friends) I trust like SWB and Marcia Sommerville among others. I think a lot of what Marcia has to say about curriculum choices makes sense and I know I have read her comments about Latin in the past, so it is driving me crazy trying to find where I read them.


I guess it is like losing a piece of paper with a friend's book recommendation and spending the entire day going through the little stacks of paper lying around the house!:001_unsure:

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