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Chicago Math vs. Saxon vs. other?

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I am transitioning my ds from Singapore math to a math that will take him through Calculus. I am looking for programs. He is a strong math student and has done well with Singapore. I don't want to continue with the Singapore cycle at this point. He is currently cruising through 5b quickly in 4th grade so he's on the young side. Chicago math and Saxon have been suggested. I would start him out in a pre-pre-algebra to let his age catch up a little. Suggestions?



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Too many to check out, but I ended up (just finalizing yesterday after 2 years of huhs?)


Life of Fred..his website will tell you to do decimals/fractions first

Foerster's Algebra

Brown Geometry

and I will probably buy UCMSP for extra problems or another text, I like for my son to use ONE text for learning but have 1-2 extras for just throwing open the book and seeing if he can do the problems written in a different style...to me that helps with their confidence and practice.



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I don't know anything about Chicago Math, but for Saxon, if you want to start with pre-algebra, that would be 8/7 or Algebra 1/2. We did, and I prefer, 8/7. Some of it will definitely be review, but some of it will be new and it will help him to become familiar with Saxon's way of doing things before algebra. It also has math facts and mental math which Algebra 1/2 does not. My dd is also ahead, but we've not found that to be a problem.

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I would suggest the Art of Problem Solving materials for a younger student who shows giftedness in Math.


I've seen way too many young students do fine with Algebra 1--but then fall flat in Algebra 2 and Geometry because the logic needed to work those subjects is YEARS ahead of them (and you can't force logical development). These students end up with self-esteem issues and often start hating Math.


Computation and the ability to handle abstract concepts are so very different!


AOPS has materials at the Jr high level that you can use to enrich your son while giving his brain time to mature. Go DEEPER and WIDER with young gifted students...and they will still have plenty of time to cruise ahead of their peers--but they will UNDERSTAND the material so much easier!

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I've heard of AOPS but never looked into it. My 6th grade dd is finishing Saxon Alg. 1/2 and doing great, but she gets confused easily and I could see her, like you said, doing great w/Alg. 1 but hitting Alg. 2 in 8th grade and dying.


Would AOPS be conducive to independent work? She works completely independently w/Saxon. I have her work the example problems to make sure she pays attention to the lesson.


I would say she's very bright but doesn't see herself as mathy... she's very social and much more into her friends. :-)

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