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A TMI ??? DD having stomach issues....

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my 11 year old dd is very tall for her age, shes 5'5, 145 pounds and already hit puberty.


for the last 6 months or so shes been having (sorry TMI) huge round hard stools once a day or every other day... so much so that they keep clogging the toliet every night! so i tried uping her fiber and fluid intake. she drinks water constantly, has tried a stool softner, fiber bars, prunes, prune juice ... everything i can think of and it still keeps happening! shes also a fruit and veggie eater and eats rather decently compared to the rest of us LOL!


does she need to brought into the doc for this? im trying to save her the embarresment, but now im worried something may actually be wrong. btw, she never says it hurts, but honestly i have NO CLUE how she is passing these!


any ideas or help? im all ears! thanks!

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Well, my teeny tiny 45-lb, 8 yo DD is the same way, and has been since she was a toddler. She eats tons of fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, brown rice, etc., and she's definitely not constipated. She just poops canonballs for some reason! Clogs the toilet all the time — we actually had to ban her from using the guest bathroom. Her ped said some kids are just like that, and as long as she has a BM every day and it's not hurting her, don't worry about it.



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Could be a dairy intolerance. My daughter would get very plugged up for awhile until we removed milk products from her diet. She stopped having stomach aches and things slowly returned to normal. Her issues seemed to start around puberty as well. She had always eaten tons of dairy with no issues before that. Once things simmered we let her have dairy with a lactaid chewable supplement that she takes right before she eats dairy foods. Just a thought. Hope that helps.

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