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Ergo mamas ?

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My baby is now big enough to be in the Ergo without the infant insert. Woohoo.. I hated that thing.

According to the website your baby can not be out facing on the front. It sites psychological reasons like your baby needs to make eye contact and will be overstimulated. There are no safety reasons. My baby LOVES to look around. In my Moby if I place her front facing she always scoots herself around to look out. If she is facing in she fusses and squirms.

I put her in the Ergo this week around the house facing out and she had a ball. I saw no safety issues. I did it at home so I could watch her and get a feel for if it was dangerous. I did try facing her in using the Ergo, but she was fussy and squirmy.

Are there safety reasons for not facing out? If baby is happy facing out do you think she will be ok facing out?

She felt and looked very secure all week.

What say you?

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No, never face out in an Ergo. They are NOT designed for that. If you want baby to see forward, put her on your back, facing toward your body.

:iagree: Never, ever! Not good for their little hips. The reason the Ergo is designed like that is that it isn't good for their spines and hip in the carriers- like a Snugli- which have them hanging and facing out. That is reason for the wide seat for the Ergo.

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