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Your Favorite Non-curriculum books that you use for "school"


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I would love to hear what your favorite non-curriclum books are, but that you still use in your "school."


I like:


Art Fraud Detective

Childcraft Books- Poems and Short Story volumes mostly

Variety of DK and/or Kingfisher Encyclopedia's

If You Lived......series from Scholastic


How about you?

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tons of books...all kinds...history, science, encyclopedia type, fiction, non-fiction...you name it.


I love D'Aulaire, Holling C Holling, Magic School Bus etc for the younger crew.

For my older kids, I just pass on what I am reading :-) then we talk about it. Ds and I are on a sci-fi jag right now.


I LOVE Dempsey Parr encyclopedias (less busy pages.) I love Klutz books. I love Fairy tales. I could really just go on and on....


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We love the:

The Bible

If you lived.... series

Magic School Bus

Magic Tree house

Abraham Lincolns World

George Washingtons World

Augustus Caesars World (havent read any of her other books yet, but based on the first 3 we read I assume we will like them also)

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Young Students Learning Library Encyclopedia



I am sure there are more but I am drawing a blank


Also I have to say, my 12 year old read this and says "ARE YOU SELLING THEM!?!?!?!" with a huge grin ear to ear


Had to burst her bubble LOL

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here we love

good times travel agency (dd will read them over and over)

magic school bus

ms frizzles adventures

american girl

mathstart books

diary of a roman slave- we have had fines on this book from the library three times now. i think she would love the others in this series but we haven't tried them yet.

any step by step drawing books

easy readers and storybooks in spanish

just like me

usborne book of greek myths

celtic myths

american tall tales

great painters

great composers

animals in art

national geographic encyclopedia of animals

childhood of famous americans

scholastic biographies

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All of the animal/bird books by Thornton Burgess, especially the bird book as the author describes the traits of the birds, cleverly incorporating science into a story format. I downloaded the audio version of the bird book from librivox.com and we used to listen to a chapter every evening. I have to say it has been one of the highlights of the new school year.

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We love DK books here, and other similar books. Our current faves are Take Me Back, Pick Me Up, Do Not Open, and One Million Things: A Visual Encyclopedia. We also just received The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe by Theodore Gray. The whole family flipped through the whole book the day it came. My son is not much of a fiction reader when it's personal reading time, so I like to have a variety of these types of books on hand. We also enjoy magazines like National Geographic Kids, National Geographic, Highlights, etc.

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That would be most things I use, LOL! The front passenger seat and floorboard of my car is currently FULL of library books (as it is most days); there's a stack in the floor of my bedroom; there's a stack on the stairs; and there are stacks all over the schoolroom. It's a messy business, but somebody's gotta do it..... The vast majority of what I use for school really isn't in textbook form....

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I've been borrowing a lot of the science series Let's Read and Find Out about Science - it's great for K-3.


Also, Who Was...? series.


I agree with the PP - I do like the Carole Marsh mysteries but our library doesn't carry any of her books, so I bought only the ones that correspond to our Ancient History study and may buy more in the future.

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