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Lots and lots of Literature Units on edhelper.com


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edhelper.com http://www.edhelper.com/books/literature_units.htm has a ton of literature units to print out. You can search by book or by grade level.


They have daily reading journals to print out. You enter a start date and a completion date, what days of the week your dc will read and it asks if you would like questions from the review and final quiz included. I just printed out one for The Trumpet of the Swan for a 6th grade level (wanted dd11 to have an easy one to start with). At the top it tells the student how many days are left to complete the reading, how many pages they read that day, it asks for a short summary of what happened in the reading for that day (just a couple of sentences), and occasionally asks a question such as: what is the setting of this book, who is the main character, what do you think might happen next, draw a timeline of events so far, write down three events that have happened so far in sequential order, etc.


They also have printouts that ask more specific questions for each chapter of the book and they have vocabulary options. The one for The Hobbit at a middle school level includes questions such as : what is Bilbo's home like, describe the difference between Bilbo's "Tookish" and "Baggins" side, describe the first exchange between Bilbo and Gandalf, etc.


I've never purchased a literature study before so I don't know how these would compare. From what I have seen they are more about understanding the story than understanding the author's intentions but they seem to do a pretty good job of getting the student to slow down and really think about what they are reading. I'm going to be getting Lighting Lit after the first of the year and thought these would be a good "until then" project.


I believe they go from 2nd grade up to 12th. Anyway, edhelper.com is not too expensive for the year, I think it was under 30. (can't remember exactly) Just thought I'd put it out there for others that might be interested. If anyone wants to know more specifics without having to get a membership let me know and I'll be happy to look something up or try to answer you. :001_smile:

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ooh, that sounds very intriguing! If you have time, would you mind seeing what some of the questions are for a high school level literature unit?





This is from Macbeth; highschool level chosen.


Give a physical description as well as a description of each character's personality. Does the

author use a direct or indirect method of revealing the characterization?


Describe the setting of the story. Include location, time period, and socioeconomic characteristics.


Based on the events of the story so far, what do you predict will happen next?


Write three questions about the text that you would like to see answered



How does this storyline compare to the storyline of the last book you read?


What plans do Hecate and the witches make?


Which character is best portraying the author's theme? Give reasons for your answer


What effect has the setting of the story had on the plot? Give evidence from the story to

support your answer.


What final vision do the witches show to Macbeth?




Those were some of the questions for the daily reading journal. There are also questions based on each act (you can edit these or create your own) and then there are extended activity questions\projects that you can pick from or write your own. Here are just two of the extended activity questions.


Research the relationship of Anthony and Caesar. Write a report of your findings. How does Shakespeare use this to describe the relationship between Macbeth and Banquo? What comparison can you make?


Who or what was a greater influence on Macbeth? Choose between the witches, Lady Macbeth, or Macbeth's ambitions to be king? Explain your answer.



If you have a specific books your interested in let me know and I can see if they have them.:001_smile: The more I'm looking at all the different books the more I'm kicking myself for not utilizing this sooner!;)

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