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Tips on Freezing Homemade Bread?

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How do you wrap your homemade bread for freezing?


I just pulled out a loaf that I had placed in a plastic bag - after the loaf was totally cooled - pressed out the air, sealed, and froze. There is a little moisture inside the bag. :glare:


Other times I have first wrapped the loaf in foil, then placed in the plastic bag. The thawed bread seems to be a tad dry. Sometimes I have first wrapped in saran wrap, then placed in the plastic bag.


Do you have a foolproof method for freezing homemade loaves that doesn't dry out the bread and doesn't encourage moisture?



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Thank You!


I also have used the Ziploc brand as well as the no-name brand - still getting a bit of moisture inside . . . maybe I need to let them sit overnight . . . I'll keep *experimenting* especially since I've made four loaves of bread today and two are for freezing - for probably less than half a week! :001_smile:

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I usually just stick it in a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer. I usually wait to put it in the freezer until the day after I bake it--usually because I just don't feel like bringing it downstairs to the freezer. :p For the plastic bags I usually try to use the thicker kind (I reuse the bags I sometimes get from buying an occasional loaf from Great Harvest). If I do happen to get a little moisture in the bag, I just take the loaf out of the bag and wrap it in a kitchen towel while it is thawing.

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I usually wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, then put it in a Seal-n-Saver bag and vacuum out as much air as I can without compressing the bread.


BTW--I always have better luck THAWING in the refrigerator. I've found that even if ice crystals have formed inside the packaging, if I thaw in the fridge, the bread doesn't get soggy. The moisture seems to reincorporate well. If I thaw on the counter, it will form a pool and a soggy spot on the bread. I have no information as to why this works this way--still waiting for Alton Brown to do a show on it ;)

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