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Question about dyspraxia

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This is a totally new word to me. I've been researching Asperger's and ADHD over the past 2 years. I'm not sure there is much difference. But, I just had my oldest tested by an Occupational Therapy and this is what she came up with.


If you have a child that has this, has OT helped?


I am very interested to see how his neuropsych testing goes next month.


Thanks you.

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Thanks for your information. It looks like most of the studies for Dyspraxia have taken place in England. I did order a book on amazon a few months ago that had the ADHD/Aspergers in the title. Then, when I was looking for books about Dyspraxia I saw that the book I ordered also had Dyspraxia in the title!


I'm hoping the neuropsych will have more input. He specializes in ADHD and Aspergers. I know what you mean about good therapists and psychologists. I live where they seem to be at every street corner and trying to find a good one was somewhat of a challenge. I did some phone interviews and had two face to face meetings and this guy just seemed to fit perfectly. He was also highly recommended by an Advocate of a friend of ours.


I will report back on his finding, which may take a few months.

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