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Opportunity for NASA experience (X-Post)

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I would like to share an amazing gift that I have been given. I have been chosen by NASA to attend a 2 day event around the upcoming launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. I will be tweeting and blogging before and through the event. There will be many opportunities to learn things about space and science. I will be part of a group of 150 people chosen to interact with NASA scientists, shuttle technicians, engineers, administrators, and astronauts. The finale of the program is the final launch of Discovery with viewing from the press area.


There are several teachers in our group but I am the only homeschool parent. I would love to have lots homeschool families, parents, or kids follow along with me. I am passionate about space but I also know that it's a great way to get kids excited about science and all things STEM related.


I'm thinking about also having a Q & A session before, after, or maybe both if there is interest.


My ID on Twitter is oliveview2. Please follow me or go to my blog. My blog has the press release with other ways to follow.


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Thank you!


As far as being picked, I don't know. The line from NASA is that it is random. However, it appears that you are more likely to be selected if you are an active tweeter on science, space and NASA.


There were almost 3000 applicants. I am sure there will be tweetups for the next launch (and STS-135 if approved). So, if you are interested, get on twitter and start chatting about space. I have learned so much from doing just that. I have also gotten a lot of new friends.

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