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What would you do if money were no object?

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This is a little different than what would you do with money.


My dh and I were discussing this, early this morning. He said that he would like to do engineering work all over the world. He loves to solve problems and it would allow him to have time off between jobs to be with his family.


I would research areas that we could live inexpensively to in order to come up with a "forever" home. Up until now we had been discussing Florida, but I am sure there are other countries where you can live very well on less money. I would still homeschool my dd, spend more time with my family, and travel with my dh while he is working.

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Buy a house on more land. (Considering we only have 1/5 acre, that shouldn't be too hard.) Homestead. Like someone else said, with help so we can travel. DH would quit his job and teach. (Well, that's what he said a few years ago. I don't know if he'd still teach, but quit his job is a given.)

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but I would like to have more time to travel. I'd be pretty happy spending a summer just camping around my state (Idaho) and a year or so traveling the US. From there I'd go to Australia/New Zealand, maybe some spots in South America and then over to Europe. Once my kids are grown, I wouldn't mind going to other countries to work in orphanages. But if I have grandkids, it would be very hard to be far away.

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Besides travel, I would pay for services that would free up my time to spend with hubby, kids, and church/community service. I would pay for someone to clean my house. I wouldn't spend as much time going to multiple stores for bargain shopping. I would still look for great deals, but not spend so much time scrimping and clipping coupons. I would not rule out curriculum based on price. I would pay to have a private math tutor for my oldest two kids, and I would pay for lessons (like piano) to be taught in my home.


There are very few things that I would actually want to purchase. Mostly travel and services. Also, I think we'd go see more plays, symponies, cultural enrichment simply because cost wouldn't be a factor.

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I would build a family friendly riding facility, where cost were kept down, some sort of social services (therapy with horses) was provided.


I would also, build a retreat center for ministry families that were in crisis/transition. A place where they could live, get good professional counseling, and learn new job skills if they wanted to leave the ministry.


These have always been dreams of ours!!!

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I have been pondering this since Sunday :) We met a man who is taking one year from work and donating his time and money to Habitat for Humanity. He is paying his own way and donating the supplies for each house he is building. I think this is a project where they put 15 people together for each one. He will be spending 2 weeks in each place and will be gone for one year around the world.

Something like this would be my first idea right off... :)

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I would eat better (whole foods grocery store all the way!), buy better clothing, make it possible for our disabled son to be taken care of WELL for the rest of his life, hire someone to be a handyman around here, hire a housekeeper...can you tell I've really thought about this?


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Study art. How to create it. I am fascinated by metal wind sculptures and would think about nvesting in a barn and a welding torch, plus supplies...


I wouldn't want more food or clothing, but I would buy food and clothing of the highest quality. Not designer stuff, but durable and pure things.


I would enjoy giving a lot of money away, anonymously.


ETA... How could I forget... a 35' Hunter sloop.

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Adopt several kids

Travel (WITH all the kids)

Shop at Whole Foods exclusively (except for our beef and local stuff)

Make life better for struggling family/friends (financially)

Have a home helper or two to take care of stuff when we travel

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I would finance and administer a college scholarship fund for single or divorced women who have custody of their minor children. The scholarships would include money for all college-related expenses and for living expenses, so the women could go to school full-time without having to work for pay.


My family and I would travel extensively for long periods of time.


I would buy a ranch house that is energy efficient and high tech and has a pool.


There are several family members and friends who I would help financially.


I would give money to people I wanted to give it to, anonymously.


I would finance and administer a Secret Santa charitable organization that benefits teenagers.


I would buy a piano and my kids and I would take lessons.


I would buy cars as we need them, including a Prius for myself.


I would buy a power boat.


I would pay for my kids' college educations through graduate school.

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I'd buy 5-10 acresand build a log home that is eco-friendly; engineered lumber, solar panels, etc. I'd hire a housekeeper, cook, and groundskeeper so DH, the kds & I could spend good time together and have time to pursue our interests. there would be a nice workshop for DH too. More unstressed time. I'd have at least one dog, and I'd probably adopt some more kids, if we were eligible. I'm sure we'd travel some, too.

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Really? Honestly? NO object? I was rich as Croesus?


I'd have houses EVERYWHERE. Little cottages, big old manor houses, modern houses. At least one castle. In cities, in the country, at the beach. They'd all be outfitted with crazy-modern conveniences, like Tony Stark's house in Iron Man.


In my main house, I'd have gardens with golden statues in the fountain.


I'd wear white linen pants and sky blue shirts and high heeled shoes that cost $700, but are as comfortable as sneakers.


I'd travel, travel, travel. First class. I'd see everything I wish I could see when we study history. The pyramids, the Mona Lisa, the Forbidden City, etc.


I'd have a chef and maids and a driver.


I'd give ridiculous amounts of money to helping other people. I'd start foundations, scholarships, halfway houses, etc. I would fund scientists and inventors and engineers who have clever ideas, but not enough money.


I'd write books and if no one else would publish them, I'd publish them.


I'd learn to ride horses. I'd learn to paint. I'd have a personal trainer.


I'd buy a ticket on one of those space shuttles that are privately run and go to the moon. (Heck, why rent when you can OWN! I'd buy the moon!)


My homeschooling would be AWEsome, because I'd be rich and influential enough to supplement my own teaching with tutors--scholars in their fields. Maybe a historian from Oxford for example.



With unlimited funds, might as well dream big.

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