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Needs Latin recs for DS


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DS is 5, in Kindy but working on atleast 1st grade level for everything. He easily reads chapter books. He hates what he refers to as "baby stuff" and has since he was a toddler. (think nursery rhymes, toddler music, hand plays, etc) He has no patience for these normal preschool and kindy activities, yet can sit with a kids encyclopedia and read for hours. He loves audio books too. He is not big on workbook stuff, much more tactile in his learning.


DH and I were thinking about getting Rosetta Stone Spanish for him (and us)...but I was thinking Latin would be a better base (epsecially since he is a science FREAK). I mentioned it in front of DS once, and he flipped over the idea of learning Latin and is now begging to learn Latin (and mandarin!)


I just don't know what program to get. I think he'd do well with Rosetta Stone simply cuz it is language immersion and it is computer based. I saw that they make a Latin too, but that is a lot of money to invest and have it not work....I see alot of people using the Song School Latin, but I am afraid he will declare it "baby stuff" and not want it (although he may love it since it is set to music - just depends on how toddler music-esque it is).



ANy suggestions?? What do you use? How is the program set up?

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I'm not sure if he'd be ready (it would depend on his reading level) but generally I highly recommend Getting Started With Latin - you can take a look here: http://www.gettingstartedwithlatin.com/ It would be best if he is reading fairly well (at least, say, Magic Treehouse level maybe?). I would have him give you the translations orally rather than have him write them.


This is real Latin, no baby stuff. No pictures. But it comes in small bites, and with plenty of white space on the page.


Just one idea ;)

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