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I made an appointment with the doc about inattentive ADD.

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I am feeling so sad. I have decided to try the meds. I hope it helps.


Ds14 has returned to ps and is struggling. I hope meds will allow him to feel successful. Right now, he feels like a failure.


My mama gut says to bring him back home and protect him, but I think I'd be putting off the inevitable. I don't want him to experience this pain in college. I want to be around to help figure this out.


If anyone has any thoughts on how else to help him, I'd gladly take them. He has a low working memory and slow processing speed. He has great time management. He is organized and forgets nothing (other than facts). It's really just a matter of not being able to handle the input in a situation such as the classroom. Oh, and he is dyslexic. His reading has been fully remediated, though!


If there's anything I need to know about the various medications, please let me know.


Thanks for letting me share. I'm sad for my kid. I want things to come easily for him.

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I wish I had some wisdom to share. We are dealing with very similar issues with an inattentive-type and I still haven't been able to make the decision about meds. Please, please continue to share your story here. It could help me and dd and others.




I'd also really like to learn something about medication options.

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Thanks to both of you. You'd think I would have glanced at the other threads to see the topics. Looks like mine is quite common to say the least!!


Anyway, I talked to ds tonight. I am not sad anymore. I am relieved to have made this decision! I asked him to explain why he thinks he struggles. He says he constantly daydreams. If the teacher goes off on a tangent, he wonders about it for a long time. Then, his mind goes off in many other directions. Meanwhile, she has explained the next concept and he missed the entire thing. He says he is always a few steps behind because of it. I asked him if he tried really hard to listen for 15 minutes, could he do it.


He looked at me and said, "Mom. I do try hard. I work so hard, with no reward." My sweet babe. :(

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It is tough being a parent... especially when your child has special needs. Since homeschooling my 11 yr old son, (which this is our first year) I have discovered his inability to concentrate. Last school year he usually finished his homework before he got home from school.... so this is a shock for me. He thinks he has ADD, and I am beginning to believe him. I consider it a good day if I can get 1 hour of consistent concentration out of him. Today was a total waste..... I finally gave up. I feel as if we beat our heads against a brick wall all day!!!!! This is so exhausting. At this rate we will never finish 6th grade.

I called the doctor today. We started on focalin XR 10 mg every morning for 4 days, and then 20 mg every morning after day four.

Has anyone had any experience with focalin XR?

I am at my wits end. I hate to do the medication thing, but I really don't know what else to do.

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Google Cogmed (a software program that improves working memory. Working memory deficits are currently believed to be the core issue in ADD) . That might work well enough without the drugs.


I looked into cogmed but unfortunately there are no providers within a reasonable distance. :confused:


Is there another similar option?

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You only really need to go once to get started. The rest is done at home and is monitored by the provider. Because of the huge research base for Cogmed, I would go that route if it's possible. (You could pick one at some vacation destination and drive/fly there, making it partly a vacation)


Brainware Safari has activities that I thought helped ds's working memory, but it does not have the same research-base.

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