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Will my red/yellow peppers EVER ripen this year?

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My peppars were very healthy all year, but bloomed REALLY late. (Nursery guy said it was due to the hot then wet then hot summer we had and was very common this year.) Now the plants are looking all full and have lots of smaller peppers on them. But they are no where near ripe! Will they ever ripen up this year or should I just give up on them?


We are on Long Island, and our days are currently low 60's with lows going down to the low to mid 40's. I'm ready to clean out that area of the garden, but I won't if there is any chance they'll ripen up before it frosts.


Please don't suggest just eating them green! I admit I've got leftover food torture issues from childhood. I HATE green peppers! Smell as well as taste! I don't even allow green peppers in my house! Husband wants them on pizza, he can get them on HIS slice when we eat out. If it's on half a whole pizza, or even in something, the flavor taints the rest of the food to the point I just can't eat it! And I'm not sitting next to him while he eats that slice!


I know, I'm weird. Even weirder is I LOVE red, yellow and orange peppers!


So what say you? Wait them out, our pull them now and give them away?

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If you pick them green and leave them on the counter a few days they will turn for you. This happened with us this year and I just picked them green and after a few days they were yellow and red.

There you go, try picking one and putting it on the counter in a brown paper bag like we do with avocados. If that works, then you can start harvesting all of them. If not, I'd wait as long as I could to see if they ripen before pulling them.

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Take a shovel and stick it down next to the plants (about 3 inches away from the stem) and cut some of the roots. Do this only on one side. The plant may try to hurry up and ripen the peppers.


I've only heard that this works, I've not tried it myself.


Also pick off any blooms or very small peppers so all the energy goes to the big peppers.

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